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Cherries and other stories is written by Lucy Irvine and is available in all Amazon stores including Amazon USA, UK, Canada and Australia. You can get it for your Kobo here and if you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple MAC you can download it to iBooks.

Here is an extract from Catman, one of the stories in the collection.

Foreigners bought Baba Stoyanka’s house. People thought it would lie vacant like the rest, mudbrick crumbling, roof tiles falling, gypsies clambering in. But her grandchildren had put it on the internet.

Assen noted the way the Englishman wandered about his new property staring at weeds and the start of a boundary fence. When he wandered about the village, Assen’s cats stared back from the roof of his one-roomed home. The Englishwoman was small and spoke softly.

Talk at monthly bill-paying gatherings said the newcomers had another place in England. Baba Stoyanka’s was just a holiday house. ‘Typical Capitalists,’ was the phrase that came into Assen’s mind but not out of his mouth. Anya had been the talkative one in their marriage.


‘Look at this light!’ Carole called from the bedroom window, that first spring. ‘It’s apricot! Michael would have loved to photo’ it.’

But Jim wasn’t a morning person and avoided talking about their dead son, so she ate yoghurt with local honey alone, on their start of a terrace – the kitchen roof with a rail round it. Sometimes, she had a woodpecker for company; always, the sound of cowbells.

She took tea to Peter before heading to the village shop for bread. Like going for warm croissants in France, she’d thought, although the bread here was sliced and came on a van. The woman behind the counter smiled. Carole only had to point. Other customers wore friendly faces too, but their mouths shaped sounds she could not match in her phrase book. It was the quiet morning walk she enjoyed more than getting there.  Mulberry trees grew beside the rough road and there was wild sorrel everywhere. Michael would have pounced on that, saying: ‘Food-for-free!’

Sometimes, she crossed paths with a straight-backed old man followed by cats…