Best Man by David Manderson available soon on Amazon and Kobo

Best Man by David Manderson

David Manderson’s novella for the PotHole Press, Best Man brings together three of his stories. Stories about change and the passage of time and the funny, sad, mysterious and magical things that happen to the people and places that endure them. A magic jacket, a vanished village and an impossible friendship.

You can buy Best Man from Amazon here and from Kobo here.

Here is some praise for first book Lost Bodies .

“ … a remarkable debut … a compelling page turner… ” Northwords Now

“… an unaccustomed heatwave in a Scottish city, a serial killer on the loose, and a middle aged man tends an ordinary suburban garden and tries to make sense of things … A powerful, disturbing and beautifully crafted tale … Scarily good, and also – plain scary!” Catherine Czerkawska, author, playwright and poet

“Manderson is able to control expertly, in his use of focalised and fragmentary narrative, the unfolding sense of the ordinariness of the monstrous … this is incredibly powerful stuff.” New Writing Journal

“ … prose that slits your belly like a murderer’s blade … an incredible read.” Carol McKay, PotHole Press author